Each issue of ONdrugDelivery focuses 100% on one specific topic within the field of drug delivery

Publication Date  Issue Topic Materials Deadline
December 2023 Connecting Drug Delivery deadline passed
January 2024 Prefilled Syringes & Injection Devices 14/Dec/2023
February 2024 Skin Drug Delivery: Dermal, Transdermal & Microneedles 11/Jan/2024
March 2024 Ophthalmic Drug Delivery 01/Feb/2024
April 2024 Pulmonary & Nasal Drug Delivery 07/Mar/2024
April/May 2024 Drug Delivery & Environmental Sustainability
May 2024 Delivering Injectables: Devices & Formulations 04/Apr/2024
May/June 2024 Oral Drug Delivery 18/Apr/2024
June 2024 Connecting Drug Delivery  09/May/2024
June/July 2024 Industrialising Drug Delivery  23/May/2024
September 2024 Wearable Injectors 01/Aug/2024
October 2024 Prefilled Syringes & Injection Devices 05/Sep/2024
October/November 2024 Drug Delivery & Environmental Sustainability 19/Sep/2024
November 2024 Pulmonary & Nasal Drug Delivery 03/Oct/2024
December 2024 Connecting Drug Delivery 07/Nov/2024

The above is a planned schedule which we reserve the right to change.

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