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Rob Turner, PhD,  is now the General Manager of MedPharm, and responsible for all the operations at MedPharm’s Guildford, UK site . Dr Turner was MedPharm’s first ever employee and was the creative force behind the development of many of MedPharm’s unique performance tests. These performance tests assess the activity of specific customer products in translatable ex vivo environments including the unique RoMar™, TurChub® and ChubTur® systems for measuring product performance through nails.

During his time at MedPharm, Dr Turner has been responsible for running the Microbiology and Performance Testing departments in the UK as well as spending more than 18 years as a Project Manager and managing this group for MedPharm, overseeing all research projects.

He has a background in topical drug delivery and microbiology and obtained his PhD in bio-adhesion and drug delivery at the School of Pharmacy, University of Portsmouth, UK.